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Warm up for winter walks!

Hi friends,

If you're reading this, I hope you're doing well. I recently posted a story over on @yagottayoga with practical tips on how to stay warm while spending time outside.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, getting outside is crucial. In my honest opinion, in the winter it's even more important to make the effort to spend time outside in fresh air. I grew up in bitter CT winters, I've experienced a handful of Boston winters as well. So I know a thing or two about this topic!!

Not to mention... my first (and only) football game happened to be the Patriots' coldest regular-season home game in franchise history. Lol.

The temperature at Gillette Stadium prior to kick-off was a balmy 13 degrees with wind chill placing the temperature at minus-2. Despite the weather (beer froze, BLANKETS froze) that day is still one of my absolute favorite memories. Thankfully, I was prepared for the cold!

Please enjoy this ridiculous photo of me.

Here are my favorite tips!

1) LAYERS. LAYERS. LAYERS. You will feel ridiculous. This is normal. As many layers as possible. I like to couple thin socks with thicker socks, tights, leggings, thin lounge pants, sweatpants (or jeans). I'll even layer my gloves. Ridiculous. But it works!

2) My favorite hack is to sip a warm beverage before and during your wintery walk outside if possible. I'll warm up with some hot water or tea, and take the warm thermos with me. It's KEY to have your chest/core warmed up.

3) Use handwarmers inside of your boots & gloves.

4) Wear your hair down underneath your hat.

5) COVER YOUR MOUTH/FACE with a mask/gaiter. This is the easiest way to warm your face, but I feel like not many people do it!

6) Here's a lengthier tip: I used to run for a minuter or two (in my gear) on my treadmill indoors. You could also pace quickly or do a few jumping jacks. The idea is to build some heat before you step outside. It works! If you get cold outside, pick up the pace every now and then.

7) Still too cold? Don't worry about it. Just take 5-10 deep breaths outside. Make it a good one. And hope for warmer temps tomorrow :)

Do you have any tips?? Comment below!

a photo of Zack & I on our wintery stroll in CT (December)

Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare provider for medical advice. None of the information expressed on behalf of Ya Gotta Yoga LLC should ever be considered medical advice. We do not intend to diagnose, treat, or inform any sort of medical condition or symptom.

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