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I’ve really been enjoying the invigorating vinyasa classes! As someone who struggles with the stillness of yoga, I love the faster pace and addition of strength moves. Thank you for offering this option!

Loved it!! Always looking to challenge my muscles and tone through yoga - arms and legs

Loved everything about your class! Keep up the awesome job you are already doing.

Great movement and liked the more rigorous pace.

I am literally the LEAST zen person in the entire world - but I really try to focus on the yoga and not the 10 million other things when I take class. I loved your tip for writing things down in the sand in your mind! I also loved the flow of class! Felt really good to take some time and be slow. Personally, I like more of a fast paced power practice but it is so great to take some time to breathe and focus on that. YOU WERE AMAZING!!!!!! THANK YOU!

I really liked the music! It didn't put me to sleep which is always questionable with yoga music. I thought you gave good and clear direction. I look forward to more classes!

Hi Julia! I loved your class. I especially liked your detailed examples of each move and the nice easy flow. Also, what a great opportunity for ____ and I to do yoga together! That was very special for me. I’ll be sure to catch another class soon!

Awesome class tonight! I’m getting better at breathing and relaxing and therefore enjoying the full expression of yoga.

All in all, a GREAT class! I don't know the correct terminology, but it was a great combination flexibility, the sun A and B, and the relaxing meditation bit at the end!

Since it was my first time, I had to keep looking at your poses to make sure I was doing it right (or close enough lol), but whenever you were on the floor you were out of camera view, so that would be my only constructive feedback, position the camera in a way that you're always in view. Other that, it was an incredible 45 minutes or so, the music was good, the volume was good, and i really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next class. This is Peter, and I would love to do a beginners class or 1:1 session. I am very proud of you, Julia, I hope you're proud of you, too.

I really enjoyed Tuesday's class and thought you dealt with unexpected interruptions well! Excited for Thursday :)

SO GOOD, thanks again so much. Such a different experience participating live with other people than just following along on some old YouTube videos like I've gotten used to during this pandemic mess! Can't wait to be back! Will be donating to my city's humane society for each class

Thanks for a lovely, slow class yet very invigorating to me! ❤️

Great job! Loved it! At some points it was a little hard to hear your voice above the music - i think when you're further away from the computer. LOVED the playlist!

Your cues were great! I had no problem following your instructions and overall the pace was very good. Good tone of voice and music volume was perfect. The tips for getting into the crow position and holding it (head up) were helpful. One minor thing - the flow sequence was a bit fast. Maybe slow down a tad bit - when moving into Warrior 2. Overall - a great class! You are a great teacher - thanks for the class.

Always great!!!

Love your classes!!!!

Thank you for class tonight! After an exciting, but stressful couple weeks personally and on a larger scale, I needed it and am grateful for it. Feeling much more grounded now :)

Are you kidding me?  This is amazing!
Thank u for the class this am!
I’d love to join again tomorrow,

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